About Me


My passion and purpose in life is being with people as they release their past- transforming the mind, heart, and restoring the spirit. Transformation has been the theme of my life.

Born and raised in the Midwest as the only child to a single, blind mother, I learned early on how to “feel” my way through life.  Growing up empathic with lots of space to explore my sixth sense and eye for detail, especially areas of emotion, intuition or gut feelings, I was consciously aware of those seldomly spoken of sensations from within, a knowing of something higher, something deeper. 

In 2007, my work in Makeup Artistry, lead me to Los Angeles. It was there I was introduced to a new world of spiritual exploration and an abundance of metaphysical practices from all over the world. 

Yoga found its way into my life and body quite naturally. While practicing Yoga I realized that the poses were creating a transformational beginning of my healing.  Old Habits became unlearned and emotional patterns were revealed through learning and applying new posture and controlled breathing techniques, valuable tools I learned along the way.

For four years I have been traveling throughout Asia and the US studying and implementing the healing modalities of Meditation, Epigenetics, Reiki, Shamanism, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, the Law of Attraction, and Astrology.  

In 2017, I earned my certification of 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, a Holy City which serves for those who seek a playground of ancient practices for the body / mind union.

From the Indiana rivers to the Ganges, my Western marries Eastern box of tools/gifts enable me to sit with others and cultivate new possibilities of personal empowerment, discovering the inner healer, and creating ways of living the life we truly want for our bodies, hearts and souls.