The things that you discuss with me are things that almost no one else will be honest about, including myself, and for that I am eternally grateful. Without the ability to acknowledge, and then confront, those things in my life that are holding me back, I would never have the opportunity for real growth: emotional, physical, and spiritual. You give me the confidence and the permission to really look at myself, and to help me see those areas that are life lessons that I cannot ignore. You hold me accountable in a way that I have never experienced before and you challenge me to be authentic, with myself, and with others. Because of your kind, and gentle guidance I have found my life to be filled with a sense of wonder and magic even when I am facing things that frighten me. I could not have asked for a more wonderful “mirror” and I cherish the ways that you have influenced my life.
— Amy, Los Angeles
Dawn’s friendship and support have been a breath of fresh air.
She offers the gift of intuitive guidance and connection on a level so human and so rooted in love, that it feels natural to crack open in her presence to get to the root of any issue. Without judgement, she holds space in a way that I feel seen, heard and honored for where I am on my path. She gently holds a mirror up and encourages growth while reminding me of my divinity.
Dawn has provided me with simple yet profound tools of awareness and a more empowered language. She has helped me to shift my perspective on life and relationships in a way that allowed me to step into a new way of being- one of lightness, gratitude, joy and a deeper sense of peace.

- Mila, Los Angeles