Transforming, Beginning & Ending in Love

I am a Transformation Doula: a doula for rebirthing “self” and relationships.

(doula: a person, usually a woman, who is not medically trained but who gives help and support to a woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth of her baby)

Our relationships make up our lives. Relationships with others, ourselves, and world.

It is my greatest intention to be with you during your own transformation from who you’ve been in relationships, and who you want to be, lending the utmost guidance and support to help you visualize and create the life that you want to live. 

Change can sometimes be scary, yet it is an inevitable and necessary part of life.  Whether you are facing an ending/beginning in life or in your own mortality, I am here to be with you through the transition. Together we will look at any fear, regret, and/or dreams that have gone unexpressed. This will allow you to move forward on your path and to access what was previously undiscovered. My goal is to assist you as you transform into the greatest version of yourself and in all relationships.

Tools we will be working with together are: Awareness, Accessing Love, Stillness and Movement, Action and Completion, Creation.

Cost/Energy Exchange:

Packages are created for individual needs/goals.

Twenty minute meet-and-greet is complimentary when considering working together.

One hour initial consultation is $66 via phone or in person.

Two hour sessions are $99 remotely, $111 in person—giving us the opportunity to work with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life with tools/practices, taking the steps towards completion in all areas of life.

*I price in a way that brings me joy, where I can exchange some of my gifts with you at an accessible cost. In your transformation, other modalities might be needed, ie: massage, physical therapy, east/west medicines, etc. Our work together is to build a map, create tools and ways to reach the intended destination/outcome.